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New Streamlit Chat. Conversational app with st.chat_message and st.chat_input

Revolutionize Conversational App Development: A Guide to Building Chat-based Applications with Streamlit and GPT.

Pydantic discriminated unions. Some examples to simplify data structures and ensure type safety

Powerful type validation and discriminated Unions with Pydantic: Simplify data structures and ensure type safety. We are showcasing a few straightforward examples.

Launching The Project Tracker. Open Source project monitoring and release explainer with Streamlilt and LLMs

Are you feeling stressed tracking the new releases of your favorite project? Are you moving to a management role and struggling to stay updated about your favorite projects and languages? With this Project Tracker and Explainer Streamlit app, you’ll stay tuned.

Use GPT and Whisper to Build Your Own Voice Assistant

With the power of GPT and Whisper models, you can create a virtual assistant that is tailored to your needs. Reading this article, you’ll learn how to record and transcribe audio, translate text, generate responses with GPT, and play responses out loud using text-to-speech synthesis.

Recent Vizs & Tips

Efficient Column Selection in Polars: Utilizing Polars Selectors for Python DataFrame Manipulation

Mastering Column Selection in Python. Polars Selectors for Efficient DataFrame Handling.

Polars new feature. Suggest more efficient Polars method for apply lambda functions

Using apply with lambda functions is less performant than the native Polars API functions. Now, you are warned about it and are presented with a more efficient alternative.

Select datetime columns matching time zones with Python Polars selectors. Calculate offset with the new dst_offset.

Unlocking the Power of Python Polars: A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting and Manipulating Datetime Columns with Selectors and dst_offset.

How to create a Streamlit datetime slider.

Creating an interactive datetime Slider with Python Streamlit. As easy as pie

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