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Analyzing Remote Work in European Countries

We’re making descriptive analytics about the Remote Work and European UbiWorkers data (Eurostat). Finland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Germany have more than 30% of his workforce in some kind of remote work modality. Norway surprising!

Predicting Social Outcomes

Predicting social outcomes is hard, and TypeThePipe is showing you why.

Revisiting normality tests in Python

How could we easily check the normality of a given variable? .

A/B Testing

Understanding pvalue, error types, and statistical power

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Carlos Vecina

Carlos Vecina

Lead Data & Advanced Analytics at Aplazame

Artificial Intelligence, Time Series Forecasting, Deep Learning, Uncertainity, Econometrics

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Pablo Cánovas

Data Scientist at Repsol

Machine Learning, Time Series Forecasting, Game Theory, Uncertainty