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    Recent Posts

    Measure FWHM from image with Python

    How to Measure Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) from an Image in Python: A Step-by-Step Guide.

    Add new not nullable column while working with SQLModel and Alembic migrations.

    Enhance your database skills: Learn how to add a not nullable column using SQLModel and Alembic Migrations.

    Pydantic parse objects with parse_obj and parse_obj_as methods

    Effortless Data Parsing: Deep dive into Pydantic’s parse_obj and parse_obj_as methods.

    Unlocking the Power of GPT-4V: The Multimodal Revolution

    Discover how GPT-4V’s groundbreaking LMM multimodal capabilities are reshaping the future of AI interactions. Explore real-world applications, from art and travel to education and accessibility, in our in-depth look at the AI revolution..

    Recent Vizs & Tips

    Polars: Filter rows and columns based on percentage of NAs / nulls

    Optimizing Data Cleanup: Filtering Rows by Null Percentage in Python Polars. Manage NAs with precision.

    Mastering Python Polars json manipulation. Do it in an easy and robust way!

    Unlock the Full Potential of Polars for Seamless JSON Data Handling.

    Sort in Python Polars. Arrange your DataFrames and Series

    Efficient Data Arrangement: Learn to Sort DataFrames and Series Seamlessly with Python Polars.

    How to upper strip in Python

    Strip uppercases in Python strings. Elevate Your Python Basics: A Beginner’s tip with strip() and string.ascii_uppercase.

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