Vizs & Tips

@staticmethod in Python

Going over the basics

Customize your Label and Independent transformer inside a Scikit Learn Pipeline

Label transformer in SKlearn

Calculating ratios with Tidyverse

Explaining summarise hidden behaviour

Preserving zero-length groups

Don't drop that

Playing with a new R package; Welcome ggcharts!

Thomas Neitman's ggcharts

Speed up your R scripts. A cool optimized way to load, write and store big data frames with FST package!

Unbeaten speed and file size! It's FST! x100 faster than write.csv()

Drop columns based on NAs percentage in R

Showing up several ways


Logging your pipelines

Using summarise_at(). Weighted mean Tidyverse approach

Survey analysis using R

List all the defined variables in Jupyter Notebooks

Kind of magic