Data Engineering Bootcamp 2024 (Week 2) Mage & GCP ETL orchestation

Is Mage a realistic alternative to Airflow? Discover Mage AI for data ETLs, the next gen data engineering tool for streaming pipelines and notebook like pipelines

Data Engineering Bootcamp 2024 (Week 1) Docker & Terraform

Learn the basics of Docker and Terraform from scratch to enhance your Data Engineering projects. Containerize your data pipelines and manage your infrastructure as code.

Plot your GIS data with GeoPandas and Plotnine. A single glance insightful visualization

Learn how to use GeoPandas and Plotnine to create high impact and insightful visualization with Python.

Python protocols. When to use them in your projects to abstract and decoupling

What are Python Protocols and when to use them to complement or sustitute abstract classes and MixIns.

Boosting Python development speed with Ruff: An all-in-one lightning fast linter

Discover how you can 10x to 100x improve your linter and pre-commit checks by adding Ruff module and rules to your project.

Measure FWHM from image with Python

How to Measure Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) from an Image in Python: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Add new not nullable column while working with SQLModel and Alembic migrations.

Enhance your database skills: Learn how to add a not nullable column using SQLModel and Alembic Migrations.

Pydantic parse objects with parse_obj and parse_obj_as methods

Effortless Data Parsing: Deep dive into Pydantic’s parse_obj and parse_obj_as methods.

Unlocking the Power of GPT-4V: The Multimodal Revolution

Discover how GPT-4V’s groundbreaking LMM multimodal capabilities are reshaping the future of AI interactions. Explore real-world applications, from art and travel to education and accessibility, in our in-depth look at the AI revolution..

New Streamlit Chat. Conversational app with st.chat_message and st.chat_input

Revolutionize Conversational App Development: A Guide to Building Chat-based Applications with Streamlit and GPT.

Pydantic discriminated unions. Some examples to simplify data structures and ensure type safety

Powerful type validation and discriminated Unions with Pydantic: Simplify data structures and ensure type safety. We are showcasing a few straightforward examples.

Launching The Project Tracker. Open Source project monitoring and release explainer with Streamlilt and LLMs

Are you feeling stressed tracking the new releases of your favorite project? Are you moving to a management role and struggling to stay updated about your favorite projects and languages? With this Project Tracker and Explainer Streamlit app, you’ll stay tuned.

Use GPT and Whisper to Build Your Own Voice Assistant

With the power of GPT and Whisper models, you can create a virtual assistant that is tailored to your needs. Reading this article, you’ll learn how to record and transcribe audio, translate text, generate responses with GPT, and play responses out loud using text-to-speech synthesis.

Making Your Python Programs Speak: A Practical Guide to Text-to-Speech

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to integrate text-to-speech into your Python projects, using libraries like pyttsx3, gTTS, and playsound. Whether you’re building a chatbot, a voice assistant, or just want to add some personality to your applications, this tutorial will help you get started with text-to-speech in Python

Scraping financial data from finviz with R and rvest package

Learn how to use rvest R package to scrape finviz financial data in less than 30 lines of code. Quick rvest tutorial to start your path in financial analysis with R

Financial Markets & Value Invest in R (I) - Analyzing Market Cap data with fmpcloudr and ggplot

Starting the ‘Value Invetsing with R’ series. Brush up your Ggplot skills: Using the Financial Market Prep API data to create stunning plots with a Financial Times inspired ggplot theme.

Pydantic, Enums and IntEnums. A Story of Validation

Mastering Pydantic, Enums and IntEnums for robust Python applications. Merge the power of Pydantic data validations and the concept of Enum, IntEnum and StrEnum.

How to dynamically plot variables with ggplot using plotter functions

Write plotting functions and dynamically access variables from a dataframe passed as a string argument with tidy evaluation and ggplot

Analyzing Remote Work in European Countries

We’re making descriptive analytics about the Remote Work and European UbiWorkers data (Eurostat). Finland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Germany have more than 30% of his workforce in some kind of remote work modality. Norway surprising!

Predicting Social Outcomes

Predicting social outcomes is hard, and TypeThePipe is showing you why.