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Write plotting functions and dynamically access variables from a dataframe passed as a string argument with tidy evaluation and ggplot

Analyzing Remote Work in European Countries

We're making descriptive analytics about the Remote Work and European UbiWorkers data (Eurostat). Finland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Germany have more than 30% of his workforce in some kind of remote work modality. Norway surprising!

Predicting Social Outcomes

Predicting social outcomes is hard, and TypeThePipe is showing you why.

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Analyzing data from COVID19 R package

Does reported deaths match actual deaths?

10 Tips to ace your Kaggle, Datathon or any data competition!

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Time Series Forecasting: Error Metrics to Evaluate Model Performance

8 Forecast error metrics you should know to evaluate the accuracy of your time series models. Find metrics that are aligned with your business goals.

Symmetric MAPE is not symmetric

Against all odds, it isn't

Turn your GGplot to 3D animation. Awesome 2D to 3D plots in R with Rayshader

Do you want to add a 3rd dimension to your R plot? In this post we show you how to turn your R ggplot to a 3D plot easily with Rayshader.