Speed up your R scripts. A cool optimized way to load, write and store big data frames with FST package!

A must in our R environment! Unbeaten speed and data frame compression. It’s FST! x100 faster than write.csv()

R Code Snippet Bencmarking Writting and Loading functions. Fst vs Readr vs Base R

Are you trying to save and load your DL model or a big dataset in R? Here we show you a performance boost to your scripts and reduction in disk memory storage with the FST CRAN package. We are going to benchmark it with R base functions (csv and RDS extensions) and another great package like readr:

Wow! That was cool! We can achieve an amazing reading and writing speed plus an incredible file size!

We can see a x3 and x50 performance improvements over the readr::write_rds() and base saveRDS() functions!

An incredible x100 performance between fst and csv writing functions, but the true here is that they are not directly comparable as they work with quite different file formats.

Are you going to add FST to your R projects toolbox too?

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Carlos Vecina
Carlos Vecina
Senior Data Scientist at Jobandtalent

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