Playing with a new R package; Welcome ggcharts!

In this post we are downloading and checking out the new CRAN package ggcharts. A ggplot extension with some cool oneliner plots.

Yesterday I was playing with the new and first Thomas Neitman’s CRAN package!

Its documentation reminded me that more than a year ago Type The Pipe did a talk series about text mining. In one of them, we analized the reviews of the most important spanish banking APPs.

One of the first plots was a lollipop chart showing the ratings in the Play Store, and its deviation from the mean. I used to remember this plot cooler than it actually seems to me lol It’s maybe telling us that we have improved our skills. Hope it.

Well, it’s quite good if you don’t pay attention to the big circles or to the long code to write such an “standard” chart.

Here is where ggcharts shines. And it’s only the 0.1.0 version. But having reusable plot templates in a quite flexible way seems such a cool idea for me.

See this three-liner approach to the above plot:

That was so cool and quite much cleaner.

There are several paths to keep improving its capabilities. So here are some possible enhancements. Ask him for yours… see you in his ggcharts repo!

Proposed enhancements to R ggcharts:

  • Easy & Quick auto-aligned Annotations:

  • Easy Image axis and plot insertion:
  • Non 0 centered in lolliplot and diverging lolliplot:
  • Color aes and highlight conflict

Enjoy ggcharts!

Carlos Vecina
Carlos Vecina
Senior Data Scientist at Jobandtalent

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