Ursina vector rotation. The right and easy way to deal with this 3d Python module!

Whirling Vectors in Ursina: Spin Your Way to 3D Awesomeness!

Pipe function in Python Polars. Don't leave the pipe flow!

Are you exploring Polars as an alternative to Pandas? We love it for the pipe flow feeling! Learn in 3 lines how and when to use it.

Use GPT and Whisper to Build Your Own Voice Assistant

With the power of GPT and Whisper models, you can create a virtual assistant that is tailored to your needs. Reading this article, you'll learn how to record and transcribe audio, translate text, generate responses with GPT, and play responses out loud using text-to-speech synthesis.

Making Your Python Programs Speak: A Practical Guide to Text-to-Speech

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to integrate text-to-speech into your Python projects, using libraries like pyttsx3, gTTS, and playsound. Whether you're building a chatbot, a voice assistant, or just want to add some personality to your applications, this tutorial will help you get started with text-to-speech in Python

Mock Celery task in Pytest

Boost Your Testing Mojo: Unleash the Power of Mock Celery Tasks in PyTest

Pydantic, Enums and IntEnums. A Story of Validation

Mastering Pydantic, Enums and IntEnums for robust Python applications. Merge the power of Pydantic data validations and the concept of Enum, IntEnum and StrEnum.

@staticmethod in Python

Going over the basics

Customize your Label and Independent transformer inside a Scikit Learn Pipeline

Label transformer in SKlearn

List all the defined variables in Jupyter Notebooks

Kind of magic